Yii Framework

Yii framework is a new rapid PHP application development framework, completely object-oriented, with good documentation and large community. PHP software developers use Yii framework for creating highly productive and up-to-date Web 2.0 applications. Those PHP web developers who are acquainted with Prado framework, have no problems in understanding this framework. According to the results of framework productivity, Yii Framework is the fastest of all popular PHP frameworks.

Features Of Yii Framework

  • This framework is fast with an extremely powerful cashing support designed to work in conjunction with Ajax.
  • MVC architecture followed pattern ensures a clear coding separation of logic and presentation
  • It is highly secure, incorporating input validation, SQL injection, cross site scripting prevention and output filtering facilities.
  • Yii has a short learning curve, has a component based design structure allowing easy customization and has inbuilt up grad ability

Yii is the one of the most efficient PHP framework and is comprises of a range of features, some of them includes MVC, widgets, Web services, DAO/Active Record, caching, theming, hierarchical, internationalization, localization, I18N and L10N almost the entire attributes required by Web 2.0 application development. It is free and launched under new BSD License.