Assuredly Across-browser Reliability with appropriate XHTML!

XHTML documents ensure for automatic processing using standard XML tools and must be particularly well-formed. XHTML is the extended version of HTML; we use XHTML design to contribute in web. It merges XML with HTML to construct a new markup language that becomes universally acknowledged.

We are particularly familiar in creating accurately formatted XHTML documents that exploit correct CSS. We switch your designs to high quality XHTML and CSS, then test to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

When our team gets your PSD, PNG, or any other valid graphics file and convert it to table-free markup rapidly, professionally, and cost-effectively. We create our code by hand to make sure that it is well organized and search engine friendly!

‘My Virtual Teams’ XHTML / CSS development services:

  • Upgrading of accessible markup to valid XHTML/CSS
  • Alteration of design into valid XHTML/CSS
  • Addition coding for various CMS
  • Blog Addition of your design
  • Convert Psd to Css Service

Our team of developers will do it efficiently! Contact us today to see just how easy working with our high skilled professionals on your XHTML & CSS project can be!