Web 2.0 Solutions

Web 2.0 Design cum web 2.0 Development wordpressEnsure that your Web 2.0 solutions function fine!

Too many Web 2.0 websites get started each day, it can be obvious for a newbie to get misplaced in the shuffle.

Supervise your site to set you apart from the others!

“Here my virtual teams role is come existence” Our team of experts will ensure that your site rapidly and obviously communicates your business model to first time visitors. Our designers will think of each and every aspect to make sure that a user’s experience is appealing and exciting.

We know that web sites need to be simple and brief as well as visually attractive. Our team merges originality with a depth considerate of user behavior to develop visually gorgeous, sensitively convincing web experience.

Now, what actually Web 2.0 solutions are?

In language of web development and design, Web 2.0 tools assign to the next era of the Web solutions including:

  • Websites with an user-friendly, prosperous user experience
  • Websites that permit users to generate content or work together with other users, including social networking sites
  • Websites those are continually growing and change in a “perpetual beta”
  • The recognition that the Web itself can supply as an operating-system (which has led to an increase in “Netbooks”- laptops created to use only the web

Our portfolio – web 2.0 websites development:

  • Blog publishing tools
  • content and presentation separate
  • Mashups of content from multiple sources
  • AJAX or Flex based rich internet application (RIA) techniques
  • Social networking features
  • Widgets and Facebook Apps
  • Wiki and forum features
  • User-generated content management
  • RSS and Atom feed syndication, aggregation and notification
  • Validated XHTML/HTML markup based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to keep

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