WCF/WPF Application Development

Windows Presentation Foundation

With the passing of the time, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) has become as essential as the functionality of the applications. The application is of no use if the users don’t find it appealing. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is an advanced presentation system that allows developers to create visually appealing Windows applications. WPF helps users create several standalone as well as browser hosted applications. It is built on a vector-based rendering engine supported by modern graphics hardware. WPF incorporates several application development features including 2-D and 3-D graphics, animation, styles, templates, Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), controls, documents, layout, data binding, media, typography, and text. Additionally, WPF is embedded in the Microsoft .NET Framework which allows users to include other components of the .NET Framework class library.

Windows Communication Foundation

WCF is a part of the .NET Framework that provides a unified programming model for rapidly building service-oriented applications that communicate across the web and the enterprise.

MVT solutions for WPF/WCF

  • MVT is a specialized provider of software development and support services, offers customized and on-time WPF/WCF services.
  • Solid experience in projects of different complexity and scope empowers us to adapt quickly to your requirements.
  • we have a pool of expert developers who will deliver a very interactive and attractive user interface using Windows Foundation Presentation.
  • With WPF, we create a very refined user experience on Windows. We also have proven our expertise in Microsoft Silverlight, a web-based subset of WPF.
  • We understand the importance of GUI and so deliver very interactive and creative applications using Windows Presentation Foundation