Symfony – a database engine-independent PHP framework, which can be easily installed and configured, generates readable code with phpDocumentor comments. This MVC framework is easy to extend, features Propel plugins and allows integration with other vendor libraries.The presentation avails of templates and layouts that can be built by HTML designers who have no knowledge of the framework. The in-built form generator offers automated validation and repopulation of the forms. All Symfony-built applications support output escaping which protects them from attacks via corrupted data.

Benefits of symfony development

  • MVC structured code
  • Maintaining the coding standards
  • Attractive URLs
  • Get all the help you need
  • Finish coding faster

MVT symfony development services

  • Symfony based CMS Development
  • Symfony Plug-in Development
  • Symfony Modules and Components Development
  • Symfony Development and Customization Consulting
  • Migration of apps to Symfony based apps
  • Symfony based Product Development