SugarCRM services

SugarCRM is a web based commercial open source Customer Management software specially designed to meet all the CRM requirements of the organizations. It allows companies to utilize functionalities such as communicating with prospects, sharing sales related information, close deals and more. The best thing about SugarCRM is that it suits to all size of companies working in different industries and it is very adaptable for different business environments. SugarCRM mainly comes in three different editions SugarCRM Open Source, SugarCRM Enterprise Edition and SugarCRM Professional. By integrating marketing, sales and management teams through one system, SugarCRM allows the departments to monitor and direct sales team.

SugarCRM services offered by MVT

  • SugarCRM Consulting
  • SugarCRM Development
  • SugarCRM Installation, Implementation, and Integration
  • SugarCRM Maintenance Services
  • SugarCRM Migration
  • SugarCRM Module Development