Silverlight App Development

My Virtual Team offers development services for rich internet applications (RIA) based on Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology. We have expertise in Silverlight technology. We work on the latest version of Silverlight

Silverlight is latest technology of MS which offers lots of flexibilities. Silverlight can be used to build rich internet applications with rich animations (2D and 3D), Graphics, play around with Media like creating your own media elements and Streaming. Silverlight can support online video streaming. The extensive feature of this Silverlight is supports Out-Of-Browser support.

Benefits of Silverlight

  • Silverlight offers cross-domain support for application
  • Silverlight plug-in is just a 1MB download and is supported in windows XP and above.
  • Silverlight also has a browser plug-in but still needs to reach at pace with flash.
  • supports asynchronous calls.