Short Content Can be more fruitful for good Ranking

There is a misunderstanding that in order for your pages to rank well on major search engines that you need at least 500 words on page.

But this is not true fact about rankings on Google. Ranking is dependent on ton of factors, it can possible that more words on web page may help Google to understand relevancy of the page to the query but it doesn’t mean the page will rank.

A Google webmaster help thread has John Mueller, a Google representative, talking just about that. He said   “Google doesn’t just count the words on a page or in an article; even short length articles can be very useful & compelling to users”..For example they also crawl and index tweets, which are at most 140 characters long. So if you have users who love your site and engage with it regularly, allowing them to comment on your articles. It is also a great way to bring the additional information on your page traffic and ranking. So make sure that your content is really unique and well written even if it is short in length.

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