Deliver rich content faster than ever!

Ajax is an RIA technology based on an implementation of JavaScript, XML and other technologies that help websites deliver interactive web applications and rich user experiences. Today, most popular web sites use Ajax to some degree. What’s Ajax mean to you? Well, when it is properly implemented as part of a Web 2.0 website, Ajax can help deliver rich content and better user experiences faster than ever! That’s because Ajax can communicate with the web server in the background – without disturbing the page a visitor is currently using.

Here are key advantages to Ajax:

  • Fast: Deliver rich content quick
  • Better User Experiences: Deliver richer experiences without the overhead
  • Streamlined: Minimizes bandwidth usage
  • ROI: Richer user experiences lead to a higher number of conversions
  • Universally Accepted: Supported by most browsers & many platforms

Our team of designers and developers knows all of today’s RIA technologies – including Ajax and Adobe FLEX. We create highly interactive internet applications and user experiences by merging database driven, server side functionality with the usability of client side applications.

What’s that mean to you? It means that we’ll use the latest technologies to create the possible website, leading to happier users.