Offshore Development Center

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a standard development hub for technical design and software development, testing of database technical and non-technical support activities. It has turn into a much requirement of offshore clients and an expected possession of recognized offshore development companies. An ODC not only reflects superb hard work and excellent technical skills but also trust, compatibility, mutual respect and understanding between the service provider and the client, upon which the success of offshore development center depends.
It is a virtual community of technical and non-technical, those complement your in-house staff distantly and act as per your project requirements and business needs. ODC can perform a collection of services like complete technical life cycle and non-technical. The provision of offshore programming is assumed through an Offshore Development Center, which consist of dedicated team of developers. The team is handpicked to complement the client’s technical requirements. This process plans at providing advantages to the clients and creating long term extensive business for the ODCs. It works as an extension of the client’s own development team which allows them full transparency and control on the ODC’s.

Objectives of an ODC

The ultimate objective of an ODC is to be a faultless extension of an organization’s technical and non-technical procedure of development. The composition of the team can be modify during the execution of the project according to the requirements. This customized team, works exclusively on behalf of the client at on-site or off-site in a secure environment and infrastructure designated to meet the clients development needs / specifications and may include co-branding. certainly, the closer the synergy between an ODC and an organization’s own development team for better the results.
The aim behind an ODC is to provide advantages of the technological know-how, cost and time significance. We offer our clients’ to rapidly ramp up their team’s ability by having a Dedicated Offshore Team in our ODC by allowing them an access to a huge pool of our talented resources with cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, transparency, and flexibility in resource utilization.

Infrastructure and Support

Our ODC provides remote administration services to manage customers’ IT infrastructure. It incorporates state of the art technology infrastructure with a focus on reliability, safety and scalability. We have a complete physical security setup that make sure all project documents, data and services are secure and protected at all times

The services delivered from ODC are as follows:

  • 24×7 Infrastructure Management
    Our ODC gives world class office premises with all necessary amenities and infrastructure in place. We provide Multiple Training infrastructure for simultaneous training sessions; in addition we have multiple conference rooms with latest communication systems.
  • Monitoring
    Our ODC provides regular deliverables, high-quality services and uses a combination of onsite and offshore resources to provide 24×7 services based on best-of-breed tools and adherence to the best IT process for service delivery.
  • Administration
    Our ODC ensures protection of intellectual property rights and business relationship, if necessary.
  • Trend-based consulting
    Our ODC model ensures that clients can harness the power of industrialization and globalization to achieve the competitive advantage needed to win in today’s flat world.
  • Delivers
    Our Development Centers delivers business value through the right combination of cost reduction, skilled professionals,

Type of ODC

  • Technical ODC
  1. Software development
  2. CAD Design
  3. Testing
  4. And more ….
  • Non-technical ODC
  1. Human resource activity
  2. Office support activity (like account
  3. Marketing
  4. Customer care support