Landing Page Design

Landing pages – custom, effective & designed for better ROI

Building better landing pages sounds easy enough, but it takes skill and experience. My Virtual Teams, are specialists in landing page design &development. We have helped many online businesses increase sales and improve campaign performance through the use of custom landing pages that work!

Whether it’s a –

  • Landing page as a part of your website
  • A microsite focusing on a particular product or service
  • Or, stand-alone affiliate landing pages for lead generation

PPC landing pages, squeeze pages or lead generation pages, we have built landing pages for many different business segments including real estate, auto, health, insurance, affiliates and many more… We all try to retain our website visitors coming through the landing pages from various advertising campaigns. Some effectively while others with little or no success. Our clients had situations like –

  • “The CTR is good for our PPC advertising campaign BUT not enough conversions.”
  • “The visitors come to our website BUT immediately bounce back.”
  • “The traffic coming from referring sources is excellent BUT visitor retention is very low.”

We helped our clients improve their bottom lines by improving their campaign results!

Why choose My Virtual Teams?

  • Over 200 online businesses got better with landing page design done by us.
  • In-depth consultation that helped our clients achieve 3 -15% increase in conversion rates.
  • 100% unique and customized landing page development
  • Professional eye-catching designs at affordable prices.
  • Direct communication with the designers and developers working on your project
  • Time is Money – you get high conversion landing pages in an average of 24-72 hours.
  • In-house team of 40 experienced designers & developers

Our experts are ready to help create high converting landing pages that improve your bottom line! If current results don’t match up with your expectations, let us assist you!