Case Study

MarUthVa TM- Hospital Management System

Welcome to “MaruthvaTM”, A Hospital Management System Product. An End-to-End , Web based, Enterprise wide, “Hospital Management System ” software product. Automates Administrative and Clinical activities of Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Institutions. Helps doctors to provide better Patient care, increases the efficiency and reduces costs.

Unique About MaruthvaTM – HMS (Hospital Management Solution)

  • An Integrated Solution for your hospital whether it is smaller or medium or larger.
  • Easily Customizable solution depends on your budget
  • Scalable and Extendible Architecture to add more users easily.
  • View any information virtually from “anywhere and “anytime”. Using intranet and Internet
  • Seamlessly integrate with External Third party systems
  • A Quality Software for your Future

The Benefits

  • Electronic Patient Record – A Single view of patient data
  • Easy and Instant Access to data helps to make effective decisions
  • Paper less departments Eliminate Human Errors.
  • Secure and Seamless sharing of data across departments improves productivity
  • Schedule, Optimize and utilized resources & Staffs throughout the enterprises , increase efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Avoids late charges in patient’s bills.
  • Electronics communications with insurance companies , payers, reduces turn around time and increase the cash flow.

The Product Features

  • Patient Management System (Admission, Discharge and Transfer, Bed and Ward Management)
  • Clinical History, Diagnosis , Examinations, Vitals Sign and Investigations
  • Treatment Planning and Case sheet management
  • Orders and Results Management System
  • Patient Billing System ( manage payers like insurance, corporate)
  • Appointments and Consultation – Online appointment and Telephonic booking
  • Pharmacy (Medical Administration Record) and Pharmacy Billing
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology and PACS system
  • Surgical Management System
  • Stores/Inventory Management System
  • Assets Management System
  • Blood Bank Management System
  • Accounting and Financial System with third party system integration like Tally.
  • User Management and Security
  • Extensive Reporting and Statistics
  • External System Integration using XML, HL7 and DICOM standards

Mathew Nursing Home – Koramangala, Bangalore

A 20 Bed Hospital, with more than 10 Specialties and an average of 50-100 Patients in a Day. Offering services catering to various departments Orthopedic, physiotherapy, gynecology, general medicine, pharmacy and Laboratory etc.


Customer interested to automate all the Manual process in the hospital starting from OPD to Inpatient Management, to Pharmacy to LAB and Clinical Information. Also web based Connectivity should be provided for the doctor to see the information form anywhere. IFastStar deployed its web based HMS software (MaruthvaTM) with in a very short span with many customizations, installed successfully and working well.

Patient Management System

  • Out Patient Management
  • In-Patient Management
  • Admission, Discharge Management
  • Ward Management
  • Bed Management – Allocation, De-allocation
  • Patient Education
  • Patient Visit and Follow-ups
  • Death and Birth Management


  • Manage Cash Patients, Insurance Patients, Corporate Patients
  • Manage Receipts, Advances, Refunds and Adjustments
  • Making Bills void, Waive off Bills, Cancel Bills etc

Laboratory Information System

  • Pathology Reports and Ultrasound Reports and X-Ray Reports and all other Specialty Reports,

Order Management System

  • Services Ordering, Packages Ordering, Group Of Services like Health plan Ordering, Approve, Preview and Track order status
  • Nursing Station Module
  • Purchase and Store Management

Store and Purchases

Complete Store Management, Stock Management Process of Drugs, Materials and other Items in the Hospital

Electronic Health Record

Complete Clinical Documentation Module for Various Specialties that Manages Vital Signs, Patient History, Systemic Examinations, Clinical Summary

Pharmacy and electronic Prescription

A Medication module prints prescriptions and manages the prescribed medicine details –

Financial and Accounts – complete accounts

Radiology Modules – manages the Films.

Key Benefits

The software has substantially reduced manually managing operations : patient billing, pharmacy billing, Lab Reports Generation, Inventory management and increased the Operational Efficiency to an greater extend

Helped to focus more on the Patient Care rather other issues.