MVT is the platform for your personal and business allied websites; it is a milestone in the age of web design and development.  When you place an order for a website a team of experts get’s active quickly.  Creative designers start their work; Design of a web site itself represents art of working ability of a web designer.  Dedicated Team of professional’s reserved for excellence delivery for our our client’s. Uniqueness of our work makes us one of foremost website Design Company in the world.

Bad vs Good Website Design.

Bad vs Good website design. Know the difference... Get connected !! Follow the link : Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization Guidelines

As all knows search engine optimization is process by which we can get our site in top rankings on major search engine result pages. But it’s not so easy to get top rankings on SERP’s, there are some Google Webmaster’s guidelines, by using these guidelines we can easily get top rankings on major search engine. There are some factors given below which can improve website structure. On-Page Factors: Create Unique, Accurate Page Tittles The title t...

The Best Services Providing Company My Virtual Teams in IT Sector

Today the world is growing very fast. There are many companies providing the IT services. My Virtual Team is also a fastest growing company in this field. My Virtual Teams provides the services like website design, website development; I phone application development services around the whole world. MVT has a team of experts they used to work in challenging environment. MVT is global service providing company, that meet the strategic objectives of the client. They work with large global corp...

Short Content Can be more fruitful for good Ranking

There is a misunderstanding that in order for your pages to rank well on major search engines that you need at least 500 words on page. But this is not true fact about rankings on Google. Ranking is dependent on ton of factors, it can possible that more words on web page may help Google to understand relevancy of the page to the query but it doesn't mean the page will rank. A Google webmaster help thread has John Mueller, a Google representative, talking just about that. He said  

Diwali-The Festivals Of Lights!!! Celebration @ MVT

Diwali or Deepavali means the Festival of Light, is a Hindu Festival celebrated in India every year around October to November and is a famous of all Hindu Festivals. This year it came on 13th November. We take a great delight in celebrating festival with unbound excitement at "MY Virtual Teams” every year. “People celebrate the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.”...